Catherine richard

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Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for adults (21+) and manager of the Centre de Psychothérapie Bereldange.

Catherine studied in Luxembourg and in Berlin (Bachelor of Psychology, 2010), in Fribourg in Switzerland (Master in Clinical and Health Psychology, 2012) and in Trier in Germany (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 2017).
She has therapeutic experience since 2013 with adult individual and group therapy. In addition, she is trained in trauma therapy EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and works in her private practice since 2017. Under her coordination, the Centre de Psychothérapie Bereldange opened its doors in January 2020. Therapy offers include individual and group therapies.

Her main focus of expertise are in adults (21+) with depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, stress, burnout, communication problems, low self-esteem, trauma or life changing events.

Additional group offer: Gruppentraining fir d'sozial Kompetenzen (Lux).

Appointments on tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and fridays in Luxembourgish, German, French and English. 


10A, Elterstrachen

L-7260 Bereldange

Bus 10 (Steinsel) - Bereldange Elterstrachen

On-street parking available

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